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The I.G. Steel srl is a young and costantly evolving company, born in 2016, with the precise aim of satisfying the needs of the costumer, specialized in the design and implemetation in the field the costruction of the metal-heavy and medium industrial plants. Works on an area of about 2500 square meters of which 1000 covered and served by lifting systems. It has highly qualified staff able to perform with the utmost professionalism quality welds, suitable to overcome any not-destructive testing, ensuring you always at great service.

- Costruction and design with their own designs of medium-heavy carpentry;

- Piping in general, collector, tanks, filters, boilers, structures in general, maintenance and repairs;

- MIG welding (gmaw), TIG (gtaw) and COATED ELECTRODES (smaw) on materials of carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy hight temperature.

The fleet is composed of various technologically advaced and always in step with the times.

I.G. Steel is a ISO 9001 certified company, which is qualified with a system of timekeeping and cost is able to schedule production through distinct and work orders, providing thus ensuring total trasparency and the agreed delivery times.
The I.G. Steel is a very versatile and capable of operating in competitive sectors:
- Metals
- Energy
- Petrochemical
- Naval
- Pharmaceutical

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